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Custom Character Art (Full Body) | Dungeons & Dragons Commission

Custom Character Art (Full Body) | Dungeons & Dragons Commission

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Custom Character Art (Full Body)

See your adventurer come to life with our D&D bespoke character art! Choose from detailed line art, flat colour, to fully rendered.

This is a custom piece of artwork, and turnaround depends on the workload of artist Hekate Strange, as such these will be available in batches so as to minimise wait time for all customers. Your turnaround time depends on the number of revisions to the sketch and will be mapped out via email once the item has been purchased.

This bespoke art is delivered as a digital download so you can use it online, on character sheets, or get your piece printed. 


What we need to know about your character:
- Character Bio (personality, history etc) This helps us to get an overall feel for your character!
- Name
- Race
- Class
- Clothing
- Colour Palette (not applicable to Line Art product option)
- Weapons, Items, or Animal Familiar to be on their person (Max. 3) (for example: Crow, Lantern, Dagger or Sickle, Lute, Satchel)

It is important to include all the information above in the information box when at checkout, or to provide your e-mail at checkout and we will email you and request this information.

As this is a custom artwork, this Character information is vital in order to be able to create your Artwork, and thusly, failure to complete this step can result in your order being cancelled. 

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